WONIK is leaping for a global no. 1 company in the 5 business areas of semiconductor, trade and distribution, finance, IT and electronic components, and leisure


  • Semiconductor
    WONIK IPS works for the sophistication of semiconductor equipment development employing technologies under the 4th industrial revolution. The semiconductor equipment industry is to manufacture general machine equipment utilized for semiconductor device production such as semiconductor circuit designing, wafer manufacturing and processing, and semiconductor chip assembly and inspection. WONIK IPS develops process devices building circuits on substrate boards, the most difficult process among the semiconductor manufacturing, and mainly provides deposition equipment for thin film formation. In 2014, mold process facility was successfully promoted for mass production in line with the growing demand, which is the key production equipment in the 3D NAND Flash area. In 2018, the company made a successful landing on the market for DRAM High-K of 10 nano process.
  • Display
    In the display market, LCD TVs are being enlarged and OLED panel use in mobile phones is expanded. Leading Korean companies and panel firms in the Chinese region largely increase their investments. Compared with LCD, OLED has the advantage of free form factor to materialize flexible and fordable display and is expected to expand into diverse areas such as lighting and automotive. In the rapidly changing market for display, WONIK IPS, based on its excellent technological strength, has developed and supplied not only the dry etcher in black plane process but also thin film encapsulation facility, the essential process of manufacturing flexible and foldable display panel.
  • Solar
    Solar cell which has been in the limelight as an alternative energy and clean energy is divided into bulk-type crystalline solar cell based on semiconductor technology and thin film-type solar cell based on display technology. WONIK IPS, based on its technological strength and knowhow accumulated from semiconductor and display equipment, supplies next-generational CIGS thin film solar cell equipment.
  • Quartz
    Quartz Ware products are classified into semiconductor processing, solar light cell processing, and LCD and LED processing, and are used in the production of semiconductor wafer's consumable parts and as a transfer medium
  • Ceramics
    Wonik QnC manufactures Ai203-structured ceramics necessary for the processing of semiconductor and LCD, based on its manufacturing technologies of various materials ranging from oxide to non-oxide properties.
  • Lamp
    EXCIMER VUV LAP radiates ultraviolet rays in 172NM and is used for various processing, including semiconductor, display and environmental technology, as well as resin, plastic and metal surface modification
  • Cleaning
    The company has top-tier knowhow and technological strength in the semiconductor precision cleaning area for the most important semiconductor manufacturing processes – diffusion and LPCVD (thin film deposition) processes.
  • Semiconductor
    It refers to the kind of gas in single ingredient whose content of a specific impurity is guaranteed under a certain concentration level. Such a gas is utilized for medical purpose, research purpose, and precursor injection, as a carrier gas of various analyzers, etc.
  • Display
    In a compound, the concentration of gas ingredient determines its volume, and this can be expressed in pressure, which is called partial pressure. That is, partial pressure is decided depending upon the concentration of each ingredient of mixture gas.
  • Precursor
    Precursor is utilized in the deposition processes (ALD, CVD) manufacturing semiconductor insulator film, dielectric layer (High-k, Low-k) and metal film.
  • Gas Supply System
    It is a device to safety supply the special gases necessary for the semiconductor, FPD, LED and solar manufacturing processes at a constant flow and pressure.
  • Gas Purification System
    Gas Purification System refines bulk or special gases to the purity level suitable for semiconductor, FPD, LED and solar manufacturing processes to help meet the quality requirements of users.
  • Precursor Supply System
    Precursor Supply System is a device to safely supply the precursor necessary for semiconductor CVD process for thin film deposition at a constant flow and pressure.
  • Plumbing construction
    It is a piping operation that maintains high purity of gases utilized in the semiconductor or LCD procedural equipment and connects to facilities for supply without leakage.
  • Gas Monitoring System
    It is the central monitoring system capable of monitoring the present state of gas supplier device in real time at the control tower.


  • Healthcare Division
    The company is growing into a healthcare-specialized business selling cutting-edge medical devices such as beauty equipment, surgical devices and instruments to the domestic and overseas markets.
  • Trade Division
    We import high quality industrial raw materials and lighting-related products from the global leading brands and distribute them to the domestic market, while exporting finished devices to the global market as well.
    While suppling world's renowned and selective chemical products of paints, inks, adhesives, papers, artificial marble, electron materials, synthetic leather and fabrics, we make a conscious effort to elevate the quality of life to be enriched and beautiful.
  • Polymer / Silicon
    We supply engineered plastics and silicon products essential to electric appliances and electronics, automobile and construction industries and try our best to meet the customers’ needs on time.
    Wonik Cube, a pleasant life-space creator, contributes to the development of Korea's architectural culture by importing and distributing environment-friendly building materials, both interior and exterior, through strategic partnerships with world's best building material production companies
  • IT
    As the exclusive distributor of HP Indigo Printers, we offer our corporate clients an all around one-stop solution for all the business using HP digital printer, from commercial and industrial printing and printer sales to management education, technical support, software upgrade and supply of consumable parts.
  • Cell Fusion C
    Lipid components lecithin, ceramide and triglyceride, which are similar to the skin barrier, help restore damaged skin barrier to its original condition. The liposome construction technology works to stabilize active ingredients and improve the skin’s ability to absorb, thus to quickly improve skin conditions.
  • Suiskin
    The skincare solution contains ingredients that are similar to human skin components. Barrier Repair Formula that consists of lecithin , ceramide, squalene, cholesterol helps skin barrier function recover to original conditions, increasing skin vitality. Moreover, the formula quickly repairs various types of troubled skin through combination of vital components to the individual condition.


Wonik Investment Partners
  • Venture Investment
    We actively find, invest, support and provide consultation to competitive small-to medium-sized venture enterprises, and create added values through IPO and M&A process
  • PEF Investment
    We invest in, in various forms, and conduct financial consultation for enterprises that carry out an active development strategy through a large-scale facility investment and new business M&A, or enterprises that are competitive but under temporary financial difficulties.

IT and Electronics

  • HIC
    Hybrid Integrated Circuit (HIC) is an electronic component equipped with both passive and active elements to have consistent electrical function. WINIX is proud of its highest quality HICs for info-communication devices, automobiles, SMPS, sensors and controllers.
    It is a key product division for microwave filter, GPS antenna, and attenuators. Customized production, a variety of types and design, and thorough quality control are characteristic.
  • RoboticsLab/ RealtimeRobotics
    RoboticsLab is a software development kit, which enables the users to conduct prototyping, customizing and testing robotics algorithms and robots.
  • AllegroDog
    The only quadruped robot available in the market. It is suitable for R&D platform, such as development of motor-driven quadruped robot of simple design (12 DOFs).


  • Golf Course Business
    We are running a link style gold course, called the Maple Beach Gold Course. It is equipped with 18 holes over 7,272 yard-field and located in the area of Gangdong-myeon, Gangneung-si.
  • Hotel Business
    In the Hotel Maple Beach adjoined to the golf course, guests can view the sunrise from any of the suites.
Garden of Sky
  • Garden of Sky
    Many attractions including the Jangsan Reservoir and garden, Herb Botanical Garden, Haneul-mulbit nightscape, the Greeting Man and Communication Garden etc. Delicious food, such as 3 second-pork belly, Mudlenyeong Vegan Buffer, Chaedam, pizza & pasta restaurant The Meal, and whole wheat ferment bread etc.