Realizing the Best Values
based on the Best Technology, Wonik

We will strive further to
impress our customers endlessly.

Wonik creates the best quality and services with its technology, making the beauty of customers’ value generated much more valuable. Wonik not only enhances the quality of life with its creative businesses but also contributes to the development of national economy, providing top products and services based on its world-class competitiveness in the semiconductor equipment, materials, and cosmetics fields. Wonik is also expanding to more various fields such as trade, distribution, finance, and leisure, pursuing more depth in technology to generate better customer values.

Wonik never stops challenging itself with its creative challenge spirit and infinite confidence.

There are no limits in the DNA of Wonik, which has produced remarkable performances in any condition regardless of region, environment, and language with its creative thinking and indomitable spirit of challenge. Wonik will realize the dream of prosperous humanity by generating new values.

Wonik takes the lead in the world with the top technology and perfect management.

Wonik’s history is being made throughout the entire world and has built various know-hows and technologies as well as well-structured systems by performing numerous projects all over the world. Wonik will strive to satisfy its customers through creative ideas and perfect management.

Wonik realizes new future technologies by adding values to values.

Wonik embarks on a new challenge for the future by bringing the hopes and dreams of humanity together. Wonik, which has strengthening its capabilities in cosmetics, finance, and leisure business beyond its existing areas of business such as semiconductor equipment, materials, will create a valuable future by securing future growth engine.